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In 1988 a group of library patrons realized how much the Library had enriched their lives and they wanted to give something back in return.  They wanted to take an active role in helping the library provide its services to the county.  They called themselves Friends Of The Library.   They incorporated,  wrote bylaws, elected a board of directors and got to work. 

Over the years the Friends have volunteered thousands of service hours working at the library; solicited books for the bi-annual Book Sale, run the sale,  and raised significant dollars; sponsored countless cultural events.

The driving force behind the Friends is the desire to help the Library enhance the services it provides - through literature, community involvement with writers and writing, access to literary culture.

The Friends sponsor many activities which are strictly cultural and not intended to raise funds, but to make the Library a more integral part of the community.  Some of these are: author presentations, classes on how to repair books, travel tips, magic shows, musical presentations, and local history.

We're always looking for ways to bring the community and the library together.

Our goal has not altered any since the county library became the Roseburg Public Library.  In fact we have become more committed to help the library grow and prosper.