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Come be a part of something special.

Membership in the Friends Of The Library is something above and beyond your normal library relationship. You get a library card from the Library not from the Friends.

The Friends are a support organization. We do as much as we can to help the Library - through fund raising programs, through volunteer staffing, and through our vocal support of the Roseburg Public Library.

Now, more than ever before, the resurrected Library needs community support. With the limited funding and staffing, it will take many more volunteers to help keep it running smoothly. The FOTL is an active, working group that helps the Library keep its doors open.

We work with donated books, separating the exceptional books from the ordinary. We have a store front on Amazon and the exceptional books are sold there. The other books are sorted, repaired, and then sold at regular book sales and in our book store inside the library. Both of these endeavors are to raise money for the library.

We volunteer and recruit other volunteers to help staff the library.

Sign-up today if you are not already a member. Click here for a membership form.  Complete the form. Mail the form and your check to:

PO Box 1921
Roseburg OR, 97470